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Hi, I'm Allison and I am your Therapist at The Relaxation Haven.

My interest in massage began about twenty five years ago, when I drifted dazed, and serenely contented out of a Salon in Yoker. I knew something had happened - I felt 'fine' when I went in, but somehow, now I felt really good. This was the way I wanted to feel all the time, I decided, and the epiphany was, I wanted other people to feel this peaceful, blissful way too! My addiction was born....

And so my journey began. I took night classes, whilst doing my day job as a charity fundraiser, and after a few years, I had most of my certificates. I have worked at the Kelvin Hall Sports Arena, The Allander Sports Centre, and both Erskine Hospital, Bishopton and Erskine Hospital in Glasgow. After 12 years, I am still working with the wonderful residents at Erskine Glasgow Care Home as well as several other Homes in the Glasgow Area.

I started a home based practice in 2003, and developed a small and loyal client base, the majority of whom are still with me today. Work demands meant I couldn't grow in the way I desired, so two years ago I left my day job and travelled Central America for 6 months, attempting to learn Spanish. I am more passionate than ever, and proud of my treatments and the way they help my Clients in their lives. (Not quite so proud of my Spanish, incidentally....).

Along the way I adopted a sweet senior pussy cat. Molly has been with me for a few years now. PLEASE NOTE - Whilst my fur baby mostly lives in her own private quarters of the House (the Attic!) and it is unlikely you will see her, she does live in my house with me so if you have severe allergies or feel wary about cats, we may not be the best choice for your visit.

I aim to give all my Clients a friendly, professional and unhurried treatment, tailored to their needs, in a warm, comfortable environment. I believe my treatments represent excellent value for money, and I always welcome feedback - complimentary and constructive!

I look forward to welcoming you to experience my treatments - whether as a one off treat, focusing on a specific issue, or as a regular, positive lifestyle change.

Hope to see you soon!